OMICSFIT and AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health Establish Strategic Partnership


In November 2023, OMICSFIT and AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health (HNH) established a strategic partnership focused on the genetic evaluation of diamine oxidase (DAO) enzymatic activity. This enzyme's deficiency is associated with histamine intolerance (HIT) and other pathologies related to the accumulation of histamine in the blood.

Histamine, a bioactive compound in the human body, plays a role in inflammation and allergic responses. Histamine is naturally produced in the body and can also be ingested through certain foods. DAO is key in breaking down histamine in the small intestine and preventing its absorption. However, insufficient DAO activity or excessive histamine intake can lead to histamine accumulation in plasma, triggering various symptoms.

DAO deficiency is often linked to genetic alterations in certain variants of the AOC1 gene, potentially reducing DAO activity, heightening susceptibility to histamine intolerance or its excessive plasma accumulation. Testing DAO enzyme activity and genetic markers has become vital in diagnosing this condition. Exogenous DAO supplements are increasingly popular among those genetically predisposed to DAO deficiency and those experiencing histamine intolerance symptoms, such as flushing, migraine, and palpitations.

Mr. Jitao Yang, CEO and founder of OmicsFit, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: ‘’Our partnership with AB Biotek HNH marks an exciting milestone. Together, we share a commitment to innovating personalized health solutions that cater to the unique needs of consumers.’’

Mr Gerald Dard, Managing Director at AB Biotek Human Nutrition & health, agrees: “We are delighted to enter a partnership with Omicsfit, leader in precision health. We strongly believe that qualitative genetic testing helps tailoring our DAO solutions to each individual needs. Both companies excel in their respective fields to help people regaining control of their own health and well-being”

Through their collaboration, OMICSFIT and AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health aspire to offer screening, diagnostic assistance, and exogenous DAO supplementation as a treatment strategy for those at risk or suffering from histamine intolerance.

OmicsFit, a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, is at the forefront of international research and application in genomics, genetics, big data, artificial intelligence, and personalized nutrition. By combining the expertise of both domestic and international teams, OmicsFit is dedicated to developing genetic testing products focused on nutrition, exercise, and disease risks, offering top-tier personalized nutrition solutions. OmicsFit, tailoring health solutions to your unique needs.

AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health, an innovative life sciences company, specializes in science-driven microbiome-modulating solutions using fermentation technology and the power of bacteria, yeast, and enzymes. Their solutions, backed by comprehensive clinical studies, address health areas like gastrointestinal disorders, immunity, bone and joint complaints, and women's health. Focused on evidence-based research, AB Biotek HNH is committed to developing effective solutions for these specific health conditions.