For the dietary management of DAO deficiency.

The enzyme, diamine oxidase (DAO) is produced by the body to absorb and degrade the histamine which is naturally present in many of the foods we eat. Normally, the DAO in our body prevents histamine from entering the bloodsteam but, in people with DAO deficiency, the body doesn't produce enough DAO to deal with the ingested histamine so it passes into the bloodstream where it can trigger digestive disorders such as bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea.

Taking DAOfood® increases the amount of DAO in the small bowel and accelerates the processing of histamine in the digestive tract.

DAOfood® Mini

0.3mg of DAO per tablet.

DAOfood® Plus

0.3g of DAO per tablet, plus Quercetin and Vitamin C acting as adjuvants to facilitate and support the digestive response.

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