NextDextTM contributes to the overall well-being and optimal functioning of the GI system by promoting a healthy balance of microorganisms.

NextDextTM is an innovative, water-soluble, dextran-based prebiotic. Its long-chain structure with a high degree of polymerization requires combined microbial and enzymatic activities, resulting in a slow and gradual fermentation throughout the entire large intestine. This guarantees food for microorganisms from the beginning to the end of the colon, promoting the growth and activity of multiple beneficial bacterial groups and contributing to a balanced microbiota composition. Its slow fermentation also results in slow gas production and higher consumer acceptability. 

In addition to exceptional efficacy and tolerability, NextDextTM offers manufacturers significant advantages as a bioactive ingredient in functional foods and supplements. 


Most other prebiotics have an inconsistent structural composition, with shorter or longer chain lengths and varying degrees of polymerization. This yields unpredictable effects on the microbiota, especially if there is significant microbial imbalance or dysbiosis. NextDextTM has high predictability when compared with inulin.


NextDextTM is a water-soluble, food-grade prebiotic made by the natural fermentation of sucrose. It is derived from natural sources and is completely free from common allergens and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


NextDextTM is highly effective as a prebiotic and three times more potent than inulin, meaning manufacturers can use less in products to achieve the desired effect.  The desired prebiotic effect can be achieved by consuming a daily dose of just 2 g of NextDextTM. However, depending on the application, the recommended amount may vary between 2-10 g per day.

As a soluble fibre, NextDextTM also helps consumers meet their daily fibre goal. This averages 25-30 g per day but may vary by region depending on local health agency recommendations.

Key Product Applications

The global prebiotics market was valued at USD 6.05 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.9% from now until 2030 due to strong consumer interest in digestive health and demand for functional foods and supplements that support gut health. NextDextTM presents an opportunity for food and beverage innovators and supplement manufacturers to capitalize on this expanding market with an innovative ingredient.

For food and beverage manufacturers

NextDextTM has a wide range of food applications. It positively influences texture, softness, and shelf life in baked goods. Furthermore, it plays a role in enhancing the dietary fibre content of various food items. It has significant benefits for gluten-free baking as it helps retain gas in wheat and gluten-free doughs and improves stability and texture in the final product. 

For ice creams and related frozen desserts, NextDextTM enhances mouthfeel and creaminess and prevents the formation of ice crystals in lower-fat frozen desserts. Functional beverage innovators will find NextDextTM adds naturally smooth thickness to creamy or smoothie-type beverages.

For nutrition supplement manufacturers

Consumers with existing digestive health conditions and healthcare providers who work with them seek out gut health supplements with low gas-producing potential. NextDextTM is an effective, highly tolerated solution. Manufacturers can pair it with probiotics as an excipient or as a synbiotic. Its neutral taste and high solubility in water or other beverages make it ideal as a stand-alone prebiotic supplement. 

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NextDextTM can be used as a standalone solution, or we can work with you to customize or enhance your existing products according to your requirements.