Immune Health

Introducing ABB C1®, the cutting edge in Trained Immunity.

ABB C1® modifies the cells of the innate immune system by stimulating their memory so that they will react better and more quickly to any threat from viruses, allergies and infections. It is clinically proven to reduce the gap between innate and adaptive immunity, training the immune system to function at the highest level.

Combining highly functional postbiotic yeast with zinc yeast, selenium yeast and beta glucans, ABB C1® protects and enhances intestinal barrier function. By reinforcing this innate immune defence, it can improve the prognosis of infections and allergies. Simultaneously it will boost adaptive immune defences to effectively prevent some of the immune-weakening impact of infections.

Our Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast helps provide higher bioavailability and circulation levels with no toxicity, all while offering an organic type of selenium found in nature along with rich blended form of zinc salts. This distinctive functional synergy has an anti-inflammatory effect on the intestine and provides a balanced, efficient infection response without triggering an excessive reaction or cytokine storm. In addition, the natural yeasts help to swiftly restore the balance of the microbiome .

ABB C1® has been diligently researched and clinically demonstrated to deliver a quick and more intense release of antibodies in response to vaccines antigens. It can be efficient as a vaccine adjuvant for COVID-19 as well as seasonal allergies. 


Take a look at the published scientific studies conducted with ABB C1® to find out more about how it may improve immune response.

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ABB C1® can be used as a standalone solution, or we can work with you to customize or enhance your existing products according to your requirements.