ABB C22™

A newly patented and complete solution for the management and prevention of diarrhoea in children and adults which combines powerful postbiotics and oral rehydration action.

ABB C22 uses tyndallized (heat-killed) yeast which is fermented with a high zinc concentration to help provide fast relief from diarrhoea symptoms. Acting to balance electrolytes, neutralize pathogens and strengthen the gut barrier, ABB C22™ contains oral rehydration salts offering a more complete solution that goes beyond other products on the market.

As well as treating the diarrhoea by combating dehydration and protecting against malnutrition, ABB C22™ also helps prevent future bouts by improving gut barrier function and rebalancing gut microbiota.

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ABB C22™ can be used as a standalone solution, or we can work with you to customize or enhance your existing products according to your requirements.