Why postbiotics are expected to become increasingly important in the world of biotics


Our International Business Development Manager, Clarisa Mielle, recently spoke to Actif's Mag* about postbiotics.

In addition to describing the many benefits of postbiotics, Clarisa explained how they are becoming increasingly important in the world of biotics. AB Biotek Human Nutrition and Health produce postbiotics from yeast as well as bacteria. These yeast postbiotics have a stronger barrier effect than bacteria against colonisation of pathogens and they carry other advantages in that they don't present a risk of transferring antibiotic resistance genes and they are resistant to stresses in the gastric environment.

You can read the full article from ACTIF’S Mag n°82 (Jan-Fev-Mars 2023) in French and English via the button below.

Find out more about our latest postbiotic development, ABB C22™ DigestEssentials.

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