ABB C1® - yeast postbiotics & beta-glucans

The new gold standard in trained immunity

Trained immunity refers to the ability of the innate immune system to develop adaptive features which provide enhanced longer-term protection against future pathogenic reinfection. The trained immune system can respond faster and more robustly to an infection, even if it is unrelated to the original pathogen. 

ABB C1® is a unique postbiotic yeast-based solution where mineral yeast and beta-glucan complex work in synergy to enhance trained immunity. It reduces the gap between innate and adaptive immunity, training the immune system to function at the highest level.

How does ABB C1® help?

  • Combines highly functional yeast postbiotics and beta-glucans, rich in both zinc and selenium.
  • Simultaneously reinforces innate and adaptive immune defences
  • Modifies the cells of the innate immune system by stimulating their memory so that they will react better and more quickly to infection.
  • Efficiently prevents multiple immunity-weakening impacts of a pathogen infection.
  • Protects the integrity of the intestine from disruption that may be caused by pathogens or allergens.
  • Swiftly restores the balance of the microbiome
  • Balances the immune response to prevent overreactions from infections and seasonal allergies
  • Enhances antibody production after vaccination

The new gold standard in trained immunity

Unlike other yeast-derived beta-glucan bioactives, ABB C1® provides three unique mechanisms of action that work synergistically to have a far more profound impact on the immune system.

  • The novel combination of two highly effective β-1,3/1,6-glucans from S. cerevisiae activates the innate immune system and stimulates trained immunity more effectively than competitors.
  • Selenium and zinc-rich postbiotics provide targeted nutrition to support critical immune cells and antibodies. Combined, these minerals have been shown to be more effective against respiratory infections. And most importantly, selenium plus beta-glucan improves the immune modulatory effects of beta-glucan.
  • S. cerevisiae provides additional immune-modulating effects through its impact on the gut microbiome. It helps bind and neutralize pathogenic microbes, strengthens the gut lining, and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

Why choose ABB C1®?

  • Postbiotics are versatile and easy-to-use with increased stability and consistency compared to traditional probiotics 
  • Ideal as a standalone supplement or for integration into supplements designed to strengthen immune and allergy responses
  • Offered in various formats to suit a range of manufacturing needs

Science supporting ABB C1®

ABB C1-trained cells have stronger protective effects against different pathogens and have been shown to activate host defences more effectively than other sources of beta-glucans or probiotics for immune protection.

Figure: ABB C1’s β‐1,3/1,6‐glucan complex (ABB i16) strongly amplifies the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF and IL-6) by monocytes (A) (B), therefore effectively inducing trained immunity without inducing ‘tolerance’ (C) (D), unlike some probiotics (Prob. + Vit. D).2

Saccharomyces cerevisiae provides additional immune-modulating effects through its impact on the gut microbiome

  • Neutralizes gut pathogen growth and its pathogenic toxins4
  • Reduces inflammation5
  • Strengthens the gut lining6 
  • Has immune-modulating effects in the gut

Selenium and zinc-rich postbiotics provide targeted nutrition to support critical immune cells and antibodies. 

  • ABB C1®’s unique Beta-glucan complex has a greater effect on training immunity compared to other Beta-glucans and to probiotics supporting the immune system, thanks to their synergistic power when combined.2
  • Zinc and selenium combination show greater protection against respiratory infection.13
  • Selenium has an adjuvant effect on beta-glucans’ immune modulatory power.14
  • Selenium and zinc are organically and covalently bound, respectively, to the yeast during the fermentation process, resulting in superior absorption and retention over inorganic salt forms, and in a much lower toxicity.9, 10, 11

Study 1: Impact of ABB C1® supporting vaccinated individuals15

The efficacy and tolerance of ABB C1® in people receiving either a flu vaccine or a COVID-19 vaccine was clinically evaluated in a single-centre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. 

VACCINE Chiromas® Comirnaty®
POPULATION 34 healthy volunteers 38 healthy volunteers
DURATION 30 days 35 days
  • ABB C1® enhanced the immune system response to both flu and COVID-19 vaccinations compared to placebo. After a single dose, these results showed a T-lymphocyte, IgM, and IgG antibodies response.
  • ABB C1® increased blood concentrations of zinc and selenium compared to placebo. 
    With the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, ABB C1® enhanced the immune system response, which indicates that ABB C1® stimulates Trained Immunity.
  • ABB C1® is well tolerated. 

ABB C1® stimulates trained immunity, provides absorbable micronutrients that enhance immune function and is safe and tolerable. Therefore, ABB C1® supplementation can be encouraged in conjunction with vaccine administration. The effect is not limited to influenza but can work for other vaccines.


ABB C1® is a patented unique beta-glucan complex with zinc- and selenium rich postbiotic yeasts.

ABB C1® is available in stick packs, capsules, tablets, snack bars, gummies & bulk powder.


For adults:

  • Allergy or cold symptom relief: 750 mg/daily split in 1-3 doses
  • Prevention & supplementation: 250-500 mg/daily

For children:

  • 250 mg/daily for children below 30 kg of total body weight
  • 500 mg/daily for children above 30 kg


Acute episodes: up to 4 weeks

For intended seasonal protection: 3 months on/3 months off, repeat
For intended permanent protection: 1 dose daily

ABB C1® is clinically proven, safe, tolerable, and compatible with other medications.


Regulatory and certifications

  • The product ABB C1® complies with the CE regulation 1169/2011 and is allergen-free
  • ABB C1® is also certified as non-GMO, suitable for vegans, Halal, Kosher, gluten-free
  • ABB C1® is patented with priority date 2023

Why choose ABbiotek Health?

  • We use fermentation technology to develop specialised microbiome-modulating solutions for various markets including pharma, medical nutrition, food, nutraceutical and pet care
  • Our products cater to a range of health disorders across six platforms: Digestive, Immunity, Mobility, Metabolic, Women's Health and Central Nervous System
  • We partner with scientists and professionals in the medical community to develop solutions to work alongside existing treatments
  • Our cutting-edge supply chain infrastructure enables us to effectively serve customers worldwide


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