ABB C22® - postbiotic diarrhoea treatment

Yeast-based postbiotic for diarrhoea which combats dehydration and helps rebalance gut microbiota.

Diarrhoea affects millions of children worldwide, with significant impacts on health. It's a leading cause of illness among young children, surpassing the combined effects of AIDS, malaria, and measles. Rotavirus is a common cause of acute diarrhoea leading to over 125 million cases each year. 

ABB C22® is a yeast-based postbiotic solution for the treatment and prevention of acute diarrhoea in children and adults. 

How does ABB C22® help?

  • High zinc concentration to provide fast relief
  • ABB C22-ORS combats dehydration and acts to balance electrolytes
  • Helps restore gut barrier function and rebalance gut microbiota to prevent future bouts
  • Offers protection against Rotavirus infection
  • Strong anti-inflammatory power

Safe, effective and stable postbiotic solution

Safety is of utmost importance for diarrhoea patients, particularly if they are immunocompromised due to an infection, underlying disease or medication. There may be concerns about taking probiotics in this case because they can translocate from the gut to the bloodstream, causing septicemia.

ABB C22® uses tyndallized (heat-killed) yeast so it does not present this risk since it is not able to replicate and produce systemic infection. 

What’s more, with ABB C22® it’s possible to apply industrial processes like UHT or sterilization without impacting the integrity of the yeast cells which is so important for bioactivity and function. This makes it suitable for a wide range of food and pharmacological matrices, including liquid solutions.

Why choose ABB C22®?

  • Patented postbiotic solution
  • Ideal as a standalone treatment or in combination with existing products such as oral rehydration solutions, loperamide, racecadotril, diosmectite. antibiotics, Bacillus clausii, etc.
  • Supported by in vitro and ex-vivo, and clinical studies

Science supporting ABB C22®

Several in vitro and ex-vivo studies support ABB C22’s strong and lasting effect on enhancing the gut barrier function.

  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect by modulating cytokines release in the gut and immune cells.
  • ABB C22® shows a longer protection of the gut barrier integrity compared to the gold-standard probiotic for diarrheoa management.
  • ABB C22® stimulates the growth of the microbiota and mycobiota.

ABB C22® is an ideal source of highly bioavailable zinc that effectively contributes to the management of diarrhoea episodes.

  • Zinc is recommended to reduce the duration and severity of acute diarrhoea episodes.
  • It has been shown that 10-14 days supplementation with zinc lowers diarrhoea incidence in the following 2-3 months.
  • The zinc in ABB C22® is covalently bound to the yeast during the fermentation process. This gives it superior bioavailability, absorption and retention compared to inorganic salt forms, and in a much lower toxicity.


ABB C22® is a patented postbiotic solution characterised by the combination of three fractions of the yeast groups:

  • Saccharomyces boulardii
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Kluyveromyces marxianus


For children

  • 1-2 capsules of 200mg of ABB C22 per day, or
  • 1-2 cartons of 200 ml of ABB C22 ready- to- drink solution with ORS per day.

For adults:

  • 2-3 capsules of 200mg of ABB C22 per day, or
  • 2-3 cartons of 200 ml of ABB C22 ready-to-drink-solution with ORS per day.


Regulatory and certifications

  • The product ABB C22® complies with the CE regulation 1169/2011 and is allergen-free. 
  • ABB C22® is also certified as non-GMO, suitable for vegans, Halal, gluten-free.
  • ABB C22® has three patents with priority date 2021.

Why choose ABbiotek Health?

  • We provide tailored microbiome-modulating solutions design to address real-world health challenges offering a natural-first alternative to conventional drugs.
  • Our unique science-based approach involves applying fermentation techniques to bacteria, yeasts and enzymes.
  • ABbiotek Health collaborates closely with the medical community to deliver innovative products for consumers and businesses.
  • We have an advanced supply chain infrastructure able to service customers across the globe 


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