Functional Food

Postbiotic blends offering a range of health benefits.

What are postbiotics?

Postbiotics are defined as a preparation of inanimate microorganisms (and/or their components) that confers a health benefit to the host. The preparation refers to the specific formulation while the components used can be various cell parts or metabolites.

Derived from yeast or bacteria, postbiotics offer various health benefits depending on the combination of components and how they are prepared.  

Postbiotics, such as metabolites are naturally found in our gut. They are produced by bacteria as they break down the food that we eat and they play a key role in supporting our immune system, metabolism and mental health.

Why add postbiotics to food?

We've created several blends, each designed to support a particular function in the body. They can be incorporated into food and beverage products aiming to support the immune system, metabolism or digestive processes.

What are the differences between probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics?

Live microorganisms similar to the beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. eg Lactobacillus, Bifidumbacteria Dietary fibres - fuel for probiotics to help them proliferate in the gut Non-living microbial cells or cell components, produced by probiotic bacteria during fermentation and digestion process.

Why choose our postbiotic range in your next innovation?

Easy to integrate into existing processes

  • Only small dosage needed per serving
  • No risk of product cross- contamination 
  • No additional equipment requiring investment
  • Ready-to-use blends supplied so you can respond to market trends

Exceptional stability

  • Resistance to both high and low temperatures
  • Withstands pressure well
  • No need for chilled distribution or storage
  • No impact on product shelf-life 

Supremely versatile

  • Compatible with any other active ingredient
  • Use in a wide range food and beverage categories
  • No impact on taste, colour or texture

Why choose ABbiotek Health?

  • We offer innovative microbiome solutions to help our customers maximise opportunities in the market
  • Our solutions are grounded in evidence-based science, complemented by traditional fermentation methods involving bacteria, yeast, and enzymes
  • Collaborating closely with medical experts, we develop natural solutions that work hand-in-hand with drug therapies
  • With a sophisticated supply chain infrastructure, we cater to customers worldwide


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