Research paper describing ABB C1™ studies published in Nutraceuticals journal


Research conducted by scientists at AB Biotek Human Nutrition & Health together with renowned immunology expert, Dr Vaclav Vetvicka, has been published in the journal, Nutraceuticals.

Using in vitro and in vivo studies they studied the anti-inflammatory effect of ABB C1™ and evaluated how this postbiotic combination protects gut barrier integrity and stimulates phagocytosis.

This work supports the mechanisms by which ABB C1™ may improve the immune response and be useful to prevent infection and allergy in clinical practice. The paper also explains how ABB C1™ can have a protective effect in the gut and how it shows superiority in enhancing phagocytosis when compared to beta-glucans of different origins (yeast and algae).

Dr Vetvicka has more than 30 years' experience in immunology research and published over 150 original papers and review articles about immunity and beta-glucans. We are proud to have him co-author this paper with our colleagues Maria Tintore, Jordi Cuñé and Carlos de Lecea. 

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View the article on the Nutraceuticals website: Anti-Inflammatory Effects, Protection of Gut Barrier Integrity and Stimulation of Phagocytosis of Postbiotic Combination ABB C1