Breakthrough research highlights transformative potential of beta-glucans for therapeutic applications.


Cutting-edge research presented by Prof. Mihai Netea at the recent International Conference on PharmScience Research and Development in Boston highlights the power of beta-glucans and their groundbreaking role in trained immunity.

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Prof. Netea shared some insights on the transformative potential of beta-glucans for therapeutic applications:

Unlocking trained immunity

Learn about the innovative concept of trained immunity, where myeloid cells undergo a form of long-term epigenetic reprogramming. This process represents a significant leap forward in our understanding of immune system capabilities and opens up new avenues for modulating diseases.

The power of beta-glucan

Prof. Netea highlights how beta-glucans can induce a strong immunological response of trained immunity and describes how their effectiveness depends greatly on the structural complexity of each beta-glucan, demonstrating the critical role of molecular structure in immune response.

Structural impact on immunity

Understand the distinction between linear and multi-branched beta-glucans. While the former targets specific receptors like dectin 1 for a milder immune stimulation, the latter engages multiple receptors simultaneously, leading to a more robust immune response.

The ABB C1® Advantage

Not all beta-glucans are equal. ABB C1's proprietary beta-glucan complex, ABB i16, is highlighted for inducing the strongest trained immunity response in the research. It is differentiated from other yeast beta-glucans and probiotics thanks to its ability to interact with and block multiple receptors at once.

This exploration of beta-glucans not only emphasizes the critical importance of structural diversity but also confirms ABB C1's potential for leveraging trained immunity for innovative therapeutic uses.

Watch Prof. Netea’s presentation of this exciting research and discover how ABB C1® is leading the charge towards a new era of therapy through the power of trained immunity.

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