ABB C1®: Training Now for Future Immune Challenges


ABB C1®: Taking Immune Support to a New Level

Patent-pending ABB C1® offers a considerable advancement in how we support the immune system. Until recently, the primary focus areas were on either innate immunity (immunity you are born with) or acquired immunity (immunity that is developed over time).  With advancements in modern medicine, a third area to address our attention is Trained Immunity. In the recently published paper “ABB C1®: Training Now for Future Immune Challenges”, David Foreman, the Herbal Pharmacist explains the unique effects of both innate and acquired immunity and where trained immunity fits. 

This paper then takes you down a path to explain where ABB C1® fits as a powerful tool to help bridge the gap between innate and acquired immunity. You will see how ABB C1® is an advancement beyond its proven synergy, and how this patent pending blend provides three diverse mechanism of action supporting immunity: Induction of Trained Immunity, Modulation of the Microbiome and Targeted Immune System Nutrition. 

If this isn’t enough, the paper will also describe the current clinical research completed with ABB C1® regarding its impact on supporting vaccinated individuals, impact on the gut barrier, anti-inflammatory effects, and stimulation of phagocytosis. For those seeking to stand out in a crowd, a quick read through this educational piece will enlighten you as to why your next formulation for immune health needs to include ABB C1®.

David J. Foreman, RPh, ND

David is a pharmacist, naturopath, author, speaker and media personality known internationally as, “The Herbal Pharmacist®”.  His background in pharmacy and natural medicine put Foreman in an elite class of health experts. Foreman is highly sought for his abilities to connect the science world with sales and marketing. Foreman is a graduate of the University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, and author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books. He is currently on the editorial advisory board for Nutritional Outlook and a frequent speaker at industry events such as: Vitafoods Europe, Vitafoods Asia, Supply Side West and Vitafoods Insights. His mission is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of natural health and healing using his "4 Pillars of Health: Diet, Exercise, Spirituality and Supplements".