adiDAO® Microencapsulated

adiDAO® Microencapsulated from ABbiotek Health is a scientifically formulated solution for convenient and effective symptom management in those with DAO deficiency. It offers superior enzyme stability which works in synergy with other bioactive ingredients.

adiDAO® Microencapsulated - Key features

  • Controlled release
  • Targeted delivery
  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • Enhanced compatibility for blending active ingredients, compounds, medications, and bioactive components.
  • Improved stability and activity
  • Flexible dosage form
  • Variety of formats: stick packs, tablets, capsules, gummies, liquid suspensions & jellies

Benefits of adiDAO® Microencapsulated

      • Superior compatibility allows them to be readily combined with other bioactive ingredients, to create tailored solutions according to individual patient needs.
      • Convenience for patients, and improved effectiveness due to precision targeting, leads to increased adherence to treatment regimes and better health outcomes.

Structure of adiDAO® Microencapsulated

1kg adiDAO® = 11.4kg adiDAO® Microencapsulated

Microcaps stucture

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Mechanism of action

Patent protection

ABbiotek Health is a world leader in DAO technology with more than 100 Industrial Property patents worldwide.

These patents give our customers legal protection when marketing end products containing the DAO enzyme.

ABbiotek Health's DAO patents protect the exclusive use of the DAO enzyme in a wide number of health applications and its galenic formulation worldwide. They cover the use of DAO supplementation for the dietary management of migraine, fibromyalgia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and digestive disorders caused by DAO deficiency.

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 Why choose ABbiotek Health?

  • We provide customised microbiome-modulating solutions using proven fermentation technology for markets such as pharma, medical nutrition, food, nutraceuticals and pet care.
  • Our solutions address specific health disorders across six platforms - Digestive, Immunity, Mobility, Metabolic, Central Nervous System, and Women’s Health.
  • We take a science-based approach and team up with partners in the medical community design ground-breaking solutions. 
  • With our advanced supply chain infrastructure, we serve customers globally.

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